Donations of $20,000 will help make a 'huge difference' to Timaru organisations



South Canterbury Cancer Society centre manager Leola Smith, Bidwill Trust Hospital manager Val Flynn and Salvation Army major Murray Sanson. Sanson and Smith each recieved $20,000 for their organisation from Bidwill last week.

Last updated 12:00, August 23 2016

A donation of $40,000 to two Timaru organisations will assist with the running of community services.
Bidwill Trust Hospital Val Flynn said the hospital had signed a partnership agreement with both the South Canterbury Cancer Society and the Salvation Army and donated $20,000 to each organisation.
Some of the money donated to the Cancer Society helped to support its wig and turban programme.
South Canterbury Cancer Society volunteer Michelle Robertson, a survivor of breast cancer, used both the wig and turban services during her journey through cancer.
Robertson said the services "made a huge difference ... You're going through a huge battle as it is and all those extra little things that they help with just make life so much easier".
Robertson now volunteered with the Relay For Life event each year as a way of giving back to the Cancer Society.
South Canterbury Cancer Society centre manager Leola Smith said another service the money would go towards was its volunteer driver service for cancer patients who were unable to drive themselves to Christchurch, Dunedin or Timaru appointments.
"We are really thrilled to be able to provide that."
Salvation Army Major Murray Sanson said the $20,000 donation was " quite marvellous" and would go towards two of the organisation's programmes, the Bridge Programme and the Highway Programme.
"When we are given a donation like this we can do so much. It can change not just what we do in the centre, but lives around us, [to] benefit the whole community," Sanson said.
The Bridge Programme catered for those trying to recover from all alcohol and drug addictions.
The Highway Programme assisted children and young adults who were having difficulty expressing themselves in an appropriate manner, and helped build up their self-esteem and understand the ramifications of them lashing out, Sanson said.
Flynn said the hospital's board welcomed the opportunity to support the two local organisations.
"They do great work in our community that is often unseen."
In the past Bidwill had funded a number of local projects including the South Canterbury Hospice redevelopment, Flynn said.

Donations of $20,000 will help make a 'huge difference' to Timaru organisations - Stuff

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